Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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Upcoming Events in Solidarity with Ukraine


Ways that you can help:

Donate to Charity

There are many charities that you can donate to help Ukraine. A really useful site that lists bigger charities can be found here (

The University of St Andrews has also set up a Hardship Appeal for St Andrews Students and Staff affected by the war in Ukraine. Assisting with accommodation, living expenses and other incidentals faced in the months ahead, the Fund aims to provide peace of mind that St Andrews will remain a safe and supportive haven for anyone directly affected by the war. You can donate here.

Protest, and write to your MP/MSP

You can show solidarity by joining a local protest, wearing blue and yellow (the national colours of Ukraine), or by putting a poster on your window.

You can also help by sending an email or letter to your government representative.  A personal email/letter written in your own words works the best. If you are unsure about what to focus on in your email/letter, here is a link to a Google Document that includes a lot of ideas, some of which you might want to include in your own letter. 

Where to find their contacts: USA, UK (MP and MSP), FranceSpain, Germany .

Sign online petitions

Here is a list of a few petitions, although this list is not exhaustive and there are many more and new one will continuously be published as the situation unfolds:

Waive Visa Requirements for Ukrainian Refugees 

Worldwide petition: Avaaz STOP THIS WAR (already over 1 million signatures)


EU: People Around the World Ask NATO to Close the Airspace Over Ukraine


UK: Waive visa requirement for Ukrainian refugees


UK: Offer fast track asylum to any Ukrainians displaced due to the invasion


UK: Pledge any necessary military support to defend Ukraine


UK: 38 degrees: An open letter: the UK must give safe passage to those fleeing war in Ukraine


UK: Tell the UK govt: Help Ukrainian refugees! #HelpUkrainianRefugees


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