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Klava: work in progress in (post-)socialist and south, central and east European studies


CRSCEES would like to welcome you all to join Klava,  a new interdisciplinary forum for discussing emerging research on global (post-)socialisms and central, southern and eastern European studies!*

We invite scholars of all career stages in the arts, humanities, and social sciences doing research who are interested in taking part. The group will gather on a monthly basis, for an hour-long online meeting on Microsoft Teams, starting on Wednesday the 10th of February, 4-5 pm, for informal discussions of pre-circulated work in progress (papers, book chapters, grant applications etc.). The group will meet every second Wednesday of the month thereafter.

To register your interest, please get in touch with either Victoria Donovan ([email protected]) or Aimee Joyce ([email protected])


*Кlava is colloquial Russian for keyboard, but also the name of a special cat! We’ve named this peer-to-peer reading group in honour of her and all companion species for being our loyal support through the writing process. Klava welcomes cats on screen, messy backgrounds, and all forms of unprofessional self-presentation.

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