Tuesday October 3, 2017

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Dr Andrea Gullotta (University of Glasgow): Beauty in Hell: The Challenges of the Digital Representation of the Gulag, 8 October 2018

Dr Sofya Gavrilova (University of Oxford, Moscow Higher School of Economics): Digital Humanities Knowledge Production in Russia: Between Academia and NGO, 26 November 2018 (re-scheduled date TBC).

‘Donbass Odyssey’: Sharing Stories of Displacement through Art, 30 January 2019  (discussion)

Exhibition dates 30th of January – 13th of February, The Byre Theatre

Dr Claire Whitehead in Conversation with Carol Adlam: Lost Detectives: Adapting Old Texts for New Media, 23 April 2019, 5 pm, Parliament Hall

Dr Iryna Sklokina (Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe): Engaging the City: Digital (Un)Archiving as a critical tool in public humanities, 29 April 2019, 4 pm, Buchanan 312

Dmitry Chepurnoy (IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives): From Donbas with Love: Brief History of Izolyatsia and Displaced Cultural Spaces, 9 May 2019, 4 pm, Arts Seminar 2



Professor Dina Iordanova (St Andrews): Screening and Discussion: ‘I Even Met Happy Gypsies’director Aleksandar Petrovic (1967) 3 October 2017

Vladimir Averin (Radio Vesti FM, Mayak, Moskva FM): The Representation of Minorities in Russian Media (in Russian), 17 October 2017

Dr Jesse Gardiner (St Andrews): Scapegoats and Masks: Stalin’s Anti-Cosmopolitan Campaign, 22 November 2017

Professor Tomasz Kamusella (St Andrews): The Forgotten 1989 Expulsion of Turks from Communist Bulgaria, 13 February 2018

Monika Szydlowska (Na Emigracii) in Conversation with Dr Emily Finer, 14 February 2017

Dr Greta Matzner-Gore (USC): From the Corners of ‘The Brothers Karamazov’: Minor Characters in Dostoevsky’s Last Novel, 28 February 2018

Professor Motoki Nomachi (Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan): The Breakup of Serbo-Croatian and the Gorani of Kosovo

Leonid Parfenov: Screening and Discussion: ‘Russian Jews’ (2014-2016) 27 April 2018



Franak Viacorka: Screening and Discussion: ‘A Lesson of  Belarusian’, 28 September 2016

Pr Steve Smith (All Souls College, Oxford): Writing the History of the Russian Revolution a Hundred Years On, 11 October 2016

Ihor Poshyvailo (Maidan Museum): Stronger than Arms: Artistic Expressions of the Maidan Revolution, 25 October 2016

Dr Margarita Vaysman (St Andrews):  Men and Steamships: Russian Literary Classics after the Revolution of 1917, 8 November 2016

Dr Victoria Donovan (St Andrews) & Susan Edwards (Glamorgan Archives) Revolutionary Rumblings in the Letters of Welsh Migrants to the Donbass: the Hughesovka Story, 7 March 2017

Shaun Walker (The Guardian): The Long Hangover: Memory and Revolution in Ukraine and Russia’, 4 April 2017

Andrei Kurkov (‘Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev’) in conversation with Dr Emily Finer,  18 April 2017

Iryna Clark (St Andrews)Mediating ‘Civil Society’ in the Belarusian Press: The Colour Revolutions 25 April 2017

Katya Rogachevskaya (British Library)Revolution on Display: 1917 at the British Library 23 May 2017



Shura Collinson (The Moscow Times): Parliamentary Pyrotechnics and the State Circus: How Russian state bodies distract and the media helps them to do so 1 October 2015

Prof. Elena Mariushakova (Leverhulme Visiting Professor in History, St Andrews): Roma Culture in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, 22 October 2015

Dr Caron Gentry (St Andrews): The Politics of the Macabre in the Reporting on Chechen Terrorism, 3 December 2015

Peter Pomerantsev  (‘Nothing is True and Everything is Possible’) in conversation with Dr Boris Dralyuk, 27 January 2016

Dr Jeffrey Murer (St Andrews): The Aesthetics Of Hate: Anti-Semitic, Anti-Roma, and Anti-Immigrant Violence in Contemporary Hungary as Spectacle, 1 February 2016

Dr Vlad Strukov (Digital Culture, Leeds): Russian spectacle of patriotism: What will we see if we turn off the TV?, 29 February 2016

Pr Amy Bryzgel (University of Aberdeen): Out)-performing the Society of the Spectacle: Strategies of Resistance in postcommunist performance art in Central and Eastern Europe, 28 March 2016

Pr Dina Iordanova (St Andrews): Breaking Through Walls and Discourses: History for Losers, 11 April 2016

Dr Mitja Velikonja (University of Ljubljana): ‘Rock’n’Retro’: Yugoslav and Partisan Motifs in Contemporary Slovenian Music, 5 May 2016

Previous Conferences

Between Federalism, Autonomy and Centralism: Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries, 2015

In memory of Dr Oliver Smith (1979-2013), 2014

Red Laboratories: Exchanges Between Science and the Arts and Culture in Eastern Europe and Russia, 2013

Orthodox Ecclesiology and Modernity, 2012

The Class of 2011: Questions of Education in Post-Soviet Russia, 2011. The conference was jointly organised by History, Art History and Russian. The conference was supported by a £2000 School of History Conference Support Grant

The Caucasus: Imagining Freedom, Negotiating Dominion, 2010. The conference was awarded a £12870 Conference Support Grant by the British Academy.

Postcommunist Visual Culture and Cinema, 2009. The conference was supported by a £2000 AHRC Student-led Initiative grant.

Putin, People and Power: Elections in Russia, 2008. The Conference was supported by a £2000 donation from Glasgow CRCEES

Translating and Mistranslating Russia: The Cultural Aspect, 2007

Post-Soviet Borderlands, 2006

1905 – Russia in Revolution, 2005

Chekhoviana: One Hundred Years Since the Death of Anton Chekhov (1860-1904), 2004

The 300th Anniversary of the Foundation of St Petersburg, 2003

Eurasia’s Changing Security, 2002

Russia in Retrospect: 10 Years Since the End of the USSR, 2001

The Geography and Geopolitics of the New Eastern Europe, 2000

“By Force or by Will”: The Art of External Might and Internal Passion, 1999

Ideology and National Identity in Post-Communist Foreign Policies, 1998

Politics and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe, 1997

Language and Society in Eastern Europe, 1996

Russian Avant-Garde Art and Literature, 1995

Nations and Nationalism in Russia and Eastern Europe, 1993

Censorship in Eastern Europe, 1992

Democratic Traditions of Central and Eastern Europe: A Re-appraisal, 1991